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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A career means education plus competenciesKartunova, A. I.; Shindila, Y. M.
2019A patient’s right to autonomySenkovich, M. A.; Pinto, M. Ninesh M. D.
2019Abortion laws: ethical and practical considerationsSenkovich, M. A.; Samjeevan, Xavier Chrisjit
2021About awareness of the population of India about the chernobyl disasterProtasovitskay, R. N.; Jithendra, A. N.; Rishi Sai, A.
2020Acellular probiotics and asparagic acid in the prevention of postpartum endometritis in cowsKrasochko, P.; Snitko, T.
2017Activity BookКартунова, А. И.; Васильева, Т. К.; Тихонова, Т. А.
1936Agenesia maxillaris у поросенкаЭдельштейн, И. А.
2019Aktualnost pedagogiky M. MontesoriovejSlovacek, Matej; Minova, Monika
2016An overview of the Pu Songling’s life and workKrylova, S. I.; Kavalionak, V. Y.
2021Analysis of the family values formation level of extramural students studying at the faculty of social pedagogy and psychology in VSU named after P.M. MasherovJurkevich, A.; Kalishuk, I.
2006Anaplasma marginale - возбудитель анаплазмоза крупного рогатого скота в Пинском районе Брестской областиДлубаковский, В. И.; Тумилович, Г. А.
2017Animal and plant world of Vitebsk region as a part of ecological system of BelarusKartunova, A. I.; Buevich, K. S.
2017Anthelmintic efficacy of Albendazole and Levamisole against gastrointestinal parasites in Sri Lanakan elephants at Udawalawe, Sri LankaSubotsina, I. A.; Weerasekera, D. S.
2017Anthelmintic efficacy of albendazole and levamisole against gastrointestinal parasites in sri lanakan elephants at udawalawe, Sri LankaWeerasekera, D. S.; Perera, B. V. P.; Rajapakse, R. P.V.J.
2017Appication of "XILAFARM" medicine for dogs sedation in ultrasonic cleaning of teethZhurba, V. A.; Raad, M. W.
2021Application of Belarusian-Made Self-Expanding Ti-Ni Stents in the Treatment of Obstructing Colorectal CancerDenisenko, V. L.; Gain, Y. М.; Rubanik, V. V.; Denisenko, E. V.; Erushevich, А. V.; Shappo, G. М.; Veremei, E. I.; Jurba, V. A.
2019Associations between the students mental state and academic stressorsYatskouskaya, N. M.; Cherubima Shobita Rajendran
2017Awareness on rational use of antibiotics and its resistance among the patients attending GP OPD at BPKIHS in Eastern NepalGupta, P. P.; Bhandari, R.; Gupta, S.; Manandhar, S.
2019Ayurvedic medicinal plants of BangladeshKuntsevich, Z. S.; Monira; Monayem, Abdul; Kasyanova, A. V.
2018Ayurvedic medicinal plants of Sri LankaKuntsevich, Z. S.; Udamuhandiram Kethmi Navodya; Mohamed Nazwan; Albert Joel