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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Tea culture in ChinaKartunova, A. I.; Bi Kaixuan
2019Telesna a sportova vychova vo vzdelavani deti materskych a zakladnych skol v Slovenskej RepublikeBernatova, R.; Vadasova, B.
2018The activity of recombinant taqpolymerase enzymes purified by means of different fast protein liquid chromatography methodsKadushko, R. V.; Sriganeshalingam Srishangna
2016The aincient city of Lebanon ByblosKurdzeko, J. P.; Moukalled, A.
2020The effect of acorus calamus preparative forms on the blood morphology and biochemistryZacharchenko, I. P.; Kanopskaya, V.
2018The effect of thyroid hormones on the intensity of lipid peroxidation in stressGusakova, E. A.; Djohore, E. A.; Rymashevskaya, A. I.; Kostyuchkova, A. A.
2020The efficacy of the drug "Doramectin KM 1%" for strongylatoses of the gastrointestinal tract in cattleZaharchenko, I. P.; Yatusevich, V.; Jakubtsova, S.
2020The evaluation of antibiotic resistance development to azitromycin in Salmonella entericaKrasochko, P. P.; Pritychenko, A. V.; Miahchilo, E.; Pritychenko, V.
2020The first international students veterinary congress «StVC-2020»-
2016The immune status of dogs in the postoperative period with the application of a preparation "Resistim"Zhurba, V. A.; Raad, M. W.
2018The impact of stress on the physical, psychological and behavioral health components of studentsKadushko, R. V.; Perepelitsa, V. A.
2020The influence of endotoxemia on the change of homeostatic parameters after a surgical treatment of gastrointestinal pathologies in horseAnnikova, L. V.; Kozlov, S. V.; Lobanova, V.
2020The influence of medicinal plants on some physiological functions of animalsVishniavets, Zh. V.; Shchetsina, A.; Yermalayeva, K.; Verameichyk, V.
2020The problem of pasteurellosis as an infection common for animals and humansSubbotina, I. A.; Safar-Zade, H. R.
2020The problem of transboundary animal diseases in Lebanon and ways of its solutionZhurov, D. O.; Ballut, Khalil
2017The role of veterinary service for the global ensuring of the safety of raw materials and food productsKazimieras Lukauskas
2018The semantics of the fox spirit image in the works of Pu SunglingKrilova, S. I.; Kavalionak, V. Y.
2020The use of inhalation anesthesia for the combined anesthesia in surgical operations in small cattle at the department of surgery at the Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary MedicineKovalenko, A. E.; Bogomolova, E.
2020The use of iron-containing drugs for the iron deficiency anemia in animalsPostrash, I. Yu.; Veremeychik, V.
2018The use of laboratory animalsVasilyeva, Т. К.; Vrublevskaya, D. B.; Kopeneva, L. A.