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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Quail is little but huge profitRakhmatov, J.
2018Recognizing Physician Assisted Death (PAD) as a part of medical AIDSenkovich, M. A.; Xavier Chrisjit Samjeevan; Raveendran Uma Gayathrie
2023Research on optimization of teaching scheme of financial data mining course for finance majorJi Ling
2023Research on the optimization of practice path of college literature and history coursesWang Hao
2016Sarcocystosis of cattle in UkraineZvorygina, V. E.; Prus, M. P.
2023Seasonal dynamics of helminthiases in sheep in UzbekistanSafarov, Kh. A.
2021«SMART-обучение» как новая образовательная модель: отношение педагогов и обучающихсяКролевецкая, Е. Н.; Черных, А. А.
2016"Social media marketing" как современный инструмент продвижения брендовЛюбецкий, П. Б.; Лагута, А. А.
2019«Sport ku radosci» - XXI lat tradycji w panstwowej wyzszej szkole zawodowej w raciborzuKryk, Gabriela; Gabzdyl, Jolanta
2022The status quo of educationand the art students under the COVID-19 pandemicHanXu
2021Structural changes in toxic liver dystrophy in the forest Martes (Martes Martes, 1758)Zhurov, D.; Lobareva, O.
2019The study of the bactericidal action of a complex compound based on silver and iodineKrasochko, P. A.; Shienok, M. A.; Ponaskov, M. A.; Pritychenko, A. V.; Kalesnikovich, K. V.
2020Study of the influence of silver nanoparticles on the morphology of bacterial cells of Escherichia coli by atomically power microscopyPonaskov, M. A.; Kolesnikovich, K.; Astapenko, K.
2021Surgical approach for excision of pyometra in catsZhurba, V. A.; Hamiyeh Mahammad; Kirdan, O. V.
2022Surgical approach to remove pyometra in female dogsHamieh Mahammad; Kirdan, O. V.
2017Tea culture in ChinaKartunova, A. I.; Bi Kaixuan
2019Telesna a sportova vychova vo vzdelavani deti materskych a zakladnych skol v Slovenskej RepublikeBernatova, R.; Vadasova, B.
2018The activity of recombinant taqpolymerase enzymes purified by means of different fast protein liquid chromatography methodsKadushko, R. V.; Sriganeshalingam Srishangna
2016The aincient city of Lebanon ByblosKurdzeko, J. P.; Moukalled, A.
2020The effect of acorus calamus preparative forms on the blood morphology and biochemistryZacharchenko, I. P.; Kanopskaya, V.